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Mario Figueiredo: "I can safely forget all I know about SQL when using SQLite Maestro. It is that easy and intuitive to use. It is also nicely drawn with an easy and appealing interface that makes the sometimes boring tasks of database maintenance and administration more endurable.
The decision to support the non-commercial use of your software with a lower price is absolutely worth mentioning. For that alone, I thank you. For everything else, I say keep up the good work".
Steven Langfield: "I wanted to drop you a mail to say how freaking AMAZING your software is. It will be the best £100 I have ever spent. I have still to read all your documentation to take full advantage but what you have created is truly amazing".


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Mar 20, 2007
Firebird Maestro 7.3 released
The new version is for all developers, database designers and for all who want to create and maintain their database structures effectively.
Mar 20, 2007
SQLite Maestro 7.3 released
The new version is mostly a maintenance release meant to add some interface features, increase stability and fix several non-critical bugs.
Mar 19, 2007
PostgreSQL Maestro 7.3 released
With this version you can create complex entity-relationship diagrams (ERD) for your PostgreSQL databases.
Mar 18, 2007
MaxDB Maestro 7.3 released
Introduces support of MaxDB database server 7.5 and the graphical database designer.
Mar 17, 2007
MaxDB Data Wizard 7.3 released
MaxDB database engine version 7.5 is now supported by our product.
Mar 14, 2007
Oracle Maestro 7.3 released
The new version presents such extremely useful features as PL/SQL Debugger and Database Designer tools.
Mar 7, 2007
MS SQL Maestro 7.3 released
New version features support of the partitioning features from SQL Server 2005 and the Graphical Database Designer, which will help you to manage your SQL Server database as easy as it can be.
Feb 15, 2007
MySQL Maestro 7.2 released
The main feature of this version is Database Designer, a tool to represent your database tables and relationships as ER diagrams.
Dec 12, 2006
Oracle Maestro 6.12 released
Quotas and segments in tablespace editors, tabbed user interface and more.
Dec 11, 2006
MySQL Maestro 6.12 released
Tabbed MDI interface, OLAP viewer, Script Executor and other useful things are at your disposal.
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