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Renaud Lepage: "I was searching for a powerful server management as well as data management application, that could also have the ability to use stored procedures (MySQL5). I was using many separate apps. And then I stumbled upon this application. It just got better. With ease-of-use, powerful management, a very good level of customization, great MySQL server management and the very lushed graphical interface, MySQL Maestro is a product to consider seriously. I chose MySQL and this, to SQL Server 2000 and the MMC-integrated server management, for use in a programming course. I'm telling you, MySQL Maestro is a very powerful tool. Try it, you won't regret it".
Josh Armstrong: "I absolutely love this software! It will me take our migration time down by an order of magnitude. It has especially helped with my indexing as my database contains many complex ones".


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Oct 24, 2007
PostgreSQL PHP Generator 7.10 released
Now supports images, hyperlinks, custom popup menus and more.
Oct 23, 2007
MaxDB Maestro 7.10 released
Unicode support, SQL Formatter, improved Database Designer and SQL Editors are at your disposal.
Oct 16, 2007
MS SQL Maestro 7.10 released
Features a new Backup Database tool, Attach and Detach Database Wizards, cancellation of long-running queries, SQL Formatter for DML statements and more.
Oct 15, 2007
Firebird PHP Generator 7.10 released
Images, hyperlinks, custom popup menus and more things.
Oct 2, 2007
Oracle Maestro 7.10 released
Introduces cancellation of long-running queries, Gather Statistics service, SQL Formatter and more.
Oct 1, 2007
PHP Generator for MySQL 7.10 released
Support of images and hyperlinks has been added, some other improvements.
Sep 20, 2007
SQLite Maestro 7.9 released
Cancellation of query execution and SQL Formatter are at your disposal.
Sep 20, 2007
Firebird Maestro 7.9 released
New version introduces column reordering, SQL Formatter and some other features.
Sep 20, 2007
PostgreSQL Maestro 7.9 released
Backup database/schema/table, cancellation of long-running queries and updated SQL Formatter are the main version features.
Aug 23, 2007
SQL Maestro for MySQL 7.8 released
Reordering columns for existing tables, canceling long-running queries, SQL Formatter, improved Extract Database Wizard and a lot of other useful things.
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