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The product is so easy and super built that you can achieve visible and great success after a short time. Also very much possible with the product. A class product. I'm already looking forward to the next versions and extensions. Keep it up.

Support to the product is just perfect. Each Support request is quickly and very competent solved. Also various assistance, which does not fall into a support, are also perfectly processed. There is a direct wire to the manufacturer / developer and this is notth. Thanks for the class Support".

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SQL Maestro Group / News / All company news / Oracle Maestro 7.3 released

Oracle Maestro 7.3 released

Mar 14, 2007

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SQL Maestro Group is happy to announce the release of Oracle Maestro 7.3, a powerful Windows GUI solution for Oracle database server administration and database development.

Please consider the list of new features implemented in Oracle Maestro 7.3 since last official release:

Server management extensions:

  • One of the main version features is PL/SQL Debugger. It is a tool to debug PL/SQL code such as procedures and functions (both stand-alone and packaged) using traditional debugging features such as setting break points, viewing variable values, and examining the call stack. To debug a function/procedure/package, select the appropriate command from the object pop-up menu in the Explorer tree.

    • PL/SQL Debugger is very easy to use. No extra actions or conversions are needed and no limitations exist. Just execute the program unit in the debugger and step through your code. You can step into any program unit (Step into, Step over);

    • Breakpoints can be set or removed by simply clicking in the left margin of the debugger;

    • When an exception occurs, the PL/SQL Debugger will take you to the line that causes it and you are able to view variable values at the time of the exception. This can obviously be very helpful to find the cause of the exception;

    • You can determine the code path to the current point in the execution of your program by examining the call stack.

  • The Compile dependencies, Compile with debug info and Compile references with debug info commands are available now wherever you work with the object: Explorer tree, Object Editors, Object Browser, etc.

Interface improvements:
  • The new version also introduces Graphical Database Designer - a case tool for managing your database in a few mouse clicks. This piece of our software is intended for creation of physical Entity Relationship Diagrams that represent objects in your Oracle databases. Each diagram displays the tables of your database and the relationships between them;

    • Handy tools of Designer allow you to create new and edit existing tables and references;

    • The reverse engineering feature will help you to understand the schema structure and make its modification in an easy and clear way;

    • Now you can quickly and easily print your database structure with a lot of options including header and footer, paper size and orientation, etc;

    • A rich set of options and settings give you a way to see your database in your own look and feel style.

    A diagram of your database can help you define operational aspects of your application logic that you might otherwise overlook. Also, a well-defined data diagram that accurately represents your tasks can be helpful in orienting employees to goals and operations.

  • SQL Editor: now Oracle Maestro can edit even very large SQL files. Also the speed of editor's work has been significantly improved;

  • SQL Editor: queries' tabs can now been displayed at the all sides of the editor (bottom, top, left or right);

  • The hint for foreign keys now contains such information as foreign table name and field correspondence.

In addition to this, several bugs were fixed and some other minor improvements and corrections were made.

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