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Andrew Maclean: "I am really quite impressed with the software. You and your people are doing a wonderful job. I actually have spent a while researching PostgreSQL admin/code generators and yours seems to fit our needs nicely. Your interface is beautiful".
David Lantz: "Thank you, this is by far the simplest, and most friendly utility for building db record system I have ever used. I wish I could get my systems guys at the office to purchase this for our company would be so very helpful and speed up a lot of work. I for one have used it for everything from a simple inventory record of my house, to a members record for my church just little pet projects and a test bed to test my own db builds and theories before having to hand code at the office..... it is a lot of fun to work with".


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SQL Maestro Group / News / All company news / MySQL Service Center 1.1 released

MySQL Service Center 4.6 (former version 1.1) released

Jun 4, 2004

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MySQL Service Center 4.6 is immediately available on the download area.

In this version we have implemented the scenario model ('scenario' is a set of several tasks united for sequential execution). Scenarios are useful if you want to execute or schedule several MySQL services, e.g. you want to check your database, optimize tables, and then backup data on a daily basis -- in this case you can create a single scenario instead of creating three separate tasks.

If you wish to add a scenario to the task list, you should have at least one task already added to the program.

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