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SQL Maestro Group / News / All company news / MySQL Maestro 1.5 released

MySQL Maestro 4.7 (former version 1.5) released

Jul 12, 2004

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MySQL Maestro 4.7 released. In this version we have implemented a possibility to connect to a remote MySQL server using a secure protocol. The secure connection is established through the Secure SHell (SSH) tunnel which is reported to guarantee highest security for data transmission between a local PC and remote MySQL server. All the parameters for the SSH connection are stored in database profiles as extra properties, and can be specified as follows:

  • In the Create Database Wizard, when you create a new database. In this case the SSH connection is established before the database is created, and all the SSH parameters are stored in the database profile, if an appropriate option is checked in the wizard.
  • In the Create Database Profile Wizard, when you register existing database(s). The SSH parameters are also stored in the database profiles.
  • In the Edit Database Profile dialog, when you edit an already registered database profile.

Also MySQL Maestro can ask you for the SSH parameters when you attempt to retrieve user privileges or server variable list through the SSH tunnel in the Security Manager or Server Properties window.

In addition to the described feature we have made some small improvements and several minor bug fixes. Here is a list of most important changes:

  • we've made the Export Data and Import Data wizards sizeable for easier navigation within their controls;
  • the columns containing a user name, user host, and database object are frozen in the Security Manager for convenience purposes now;
  • table type can be reported incorrectly in the Table Properties dialog with MySQL 4.1.3;
  • there could be a problem to create a new database if the server port number was different from the default one; 
    fixed bug with the 'commands out of sync' error occurred with executing subqueries in the SQL Editor in some cases.

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