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SQL Maestro Group / News / All company news / MySQL Maestro 1.3 released

MySQL Maestro 4.4 (former version 1.3) released

Apr 9, 2004

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We have released the next version of our software which is already available at the download page.

In this version we have implemented Object Manager - a feature-rich tool for easy manipulation of database objects. Now it is possible to work with tables, queries, procedures and other database objects as easy as it can be. Here are some examples demonstrating how you can use the new tool:

  • you can open several database objects at a time;
  • do you need to clear data from all database tables? Just open Object Manager, press Ctrl+A, then select the Empty Tables item from the popup menu;
  • in earlier versions of MySQL Maestro you could copy a table definition to the clipboard by Ctrl+C and then paste it in the same or a different database. Now it is possible to process several tables at once;
  • it is also possible to drop several database objects at a time. We hope you will treat this tool carefully.
  • full drag-n-drop support is available: you can drag objects between the Object Manager and the Database Explorer as well as between two instances of the Object Manager;
  • and much more.

Object Manager starts automatically when you connect to a database. It is possible to disable this feature in the Options dialog as well as call Object Manager manually from the Object menu.

We also have fixed several bugs:

  • the Diagram Viewer did not clear the list of fields after switching to another database using combo box in the Database group area. This bug could cause some instability of the application;
  • the Move Up/Move Down menu items did not work in the field list on the second step of the DELETE FROM wizard;
  • some steps of the Create New Procedure and Create New Function wizards did not open the proper help topic after clicking the Help button.

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