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Bernhard Hartl: "Oracle Maestro works great - thank you for that really good product and the very good User Interface".
Ananda Theerthan J: "I have been looking for PHP generator for years and now I am happy that I found one. Yes, its the PHP generator for MySQL. I completely rate 10/10 for this product for making life easier. It has lot of features and capabilities especially the CRUD, lookups and data partitioning. I love this product and recommend to others".


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SQL Maestro Group / News / All company news / MySQL Data Wizard 1.2 released

MySQL Data Wizard 4.5 (former version 1.2) released

May 28, 2004

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MySQL Data Wizard 4.5 is ready for downloading.

In this version we have implemented a lot of security options for the PHP Generator Wizard. These options allow you to request user name and password when a user attempts to access your script or to execute some of the specific actions: detailed viewing, adding, editing, or deleting of a table/query row.

All the settings are available at the Security Options page. By default neither login nor password is required to access the generated script, however it is possible to use MySQL server security settings as well as specify a MySQL table to store the logins and passwords.

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