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Peter Robinson: "As a tech savvy company director, I wanted an inexpensive web based database application to manage all aspects of my business. As with most humans I find developing purely by CLI very hard and do not have the will or time to invest in improving my skills. I was looking to find a nice human friendly GUI to design and build my application, which is when I came across PHP Generator for MySQL.

Whilst you still need a great understanding of logic and a small amount of programming ability to get the specific results you require, I am very happy with the speed of progress I have been making with this invaluable tool.

With all the standard libraries included, this product makes normal requirements such as JavaScript form validation, lookup selectors, on click events, auto complete, detailed searches, multiformat exports, rss feeds and username security straight forward and quick.

Having any changes made via the GUI written to the web server at the click of a button makes testing out ideas quick and easy without fear of breaking your application.

To conclude, I couldn't find any other product on the market that came close to offering the amount of options this does, and I do hope that more products like this come out in the future, with the hope of eventually eradicating the need to program all together".

Adam Allen: "I just have to say WOW!!! I'm so glad that you guys have developed something that is so useful for MySql. I am able to graphically view my tables, and I don't even have to think about my queries because I can visually design them. I just stumbled upon this, and I'm already very excited about it".


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SQL Maestro Group / News / All company news / MySQL Data Wizard 1.1 released

MySQL Data Wizard 4.3 (former version 1.1) released

Mar 29, 2004

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We have uploaded the new version of MySQL Data Wizard. In this version we have implemented task scheduler which allows you to execute any of Data Wizard tasks in background mode at specified time.

Task Scheduler is maintained by Data Wizard Agent which is a separate application located in Windows system tray area. You have to enable the agent in the Data Wizard Options Dialog to use the scheduler.

To add a new scheduled task open the Common | Task Scheduler panel in the Data Wizard Shell Application and click the Add Task item in the navigation bar or in the popup menu. Note that for creating scheduled tasks you should have a task template which can be created through the appropriate wizard. See PHP Generator Templates, Data Pump Templates, Data Export Templates and Data Import Templates for more details.

Also we have fixed a couple of minor bugs:

  • There could be a problem with exporting custom query's result in some cases, if the query text contains tokens in typed in uppercase;
  • Data Export Wizard did not determine the size of columns for custom queries properly. Now it is fixed.

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