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Prithwi Thakuria: "I have been in the database field for eons. This is one the best suite of tools I have found in terms of cost, functionality and performance. Ever since we bought this array of products, life with databases have been a breeze and the productivity has soared immensely. Keep up the good work".
Craig Cordell: "The simplicity of your code generator is fantastic. We've evaluated dozens of others over the past few years but have yet to find one that is as easy to use as yours".


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SQL Maestro Group / News / All company news / First public release of MS SQL Maestro

First public release of MS SQL Maestro

May 10, 2006

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MS SQL Maestro is a powerful solution for the Microsoft SQL Server administration and development. It allows you to create, edit, copy, extract and drop all the database objects such as tables, views, procedures, UDFs, UDTs, aggregates, certificates, etc., build queries visually, execute queries and SQL scripts, view and edit data including BLOBs, represent data as diagrams, export and import data to/from most popular file formats, manage Microsoft SQL Server users, roles, logins and their privileges, and use a lot of other tools designed for the easiest and most efficient work with Microsoft SQL Server.

Our product versions are formalized according to the release date: the first figure of the product version stands for the year of release; the second figure of the version is meant to indicate the month of the current version release. Hence, the present version is 6.5. For more information apply to the corresponding news item.

While developing the new software product we tried to include the usable features available in the existing products and to provide it with unique functionality. Please consider the short list of MS SQL Maestro 6.5 features below:

  • support for Microsoft® SQL Server™ 7.0 / 2000 / 2005 versions: XML data type and XML indexes support, availability of schemas, support for CRL Procedures, synonyms, assemblies, etc.;

  • easy database management: the conception of database profiles gives you an opportunity to connect to databases in one touch and work with the selected databases only. Of course, it is also possible to create or drop a database;

  • particular database object management: the application includes a number of convenient wizards and editors; database explorer allows performing all necessary operations upon databases and their objects (creating new database objects, editing existing ones as well as duplicating and renaming objects);

  • user-friendly interface: easy-to-use GUI provided by MS SQL Maestro will make your Microsoft SQL database management and administration easy and efficient; data can be viewed either as tables or as summary cards; Object Manager and Object Explorer allow you to fulfill complex data manipulation tasks irrespective of your personal level of competence in this or that server feature;

  • building and executing queries: MS SQL Maestro provides powerful tools which allow you either to edit query text directly with syntax highlighting and code completion or to build a query diagram visually selecting tables and fields, setting links between tables and so on;

  • original security management: implemented a number of powerful editors, now management of Microsoft SQL users and their privileges is as easy as it can be, it won't be a trouble even if you are not a skilled Microsoft SQL Server administrator;

  • powerful BLOB viewer/editor: opportunity to view and edit the content of the BLOB fields in various representations such as hexadecimal dump, plain text, graphical image or HTML page; graphical representation of BLOB data supports the following image formats: BMP, Windows metafile, JPEG, GIF and PNG;

  • data export module: exports data from Microsoft SQL Server tables and queries to files of the 14 most popular formats including MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, HTML, XML, PDF;

  • data import module: imports data to Microsoft SQL Server tables from files of the following formats: MS Excel, MS Access, XML, DBF, TXT and CSV.
The list of useful features implemented in our software product can be continued. MS SQL Maestro gives you easy-to-use tools for creating a new table in a few mouse clicks, getting SQL dump of your metadata and data (even if you don't have a deep knowledge of syntax), getting a high-quality printable report of your database, executing any SQL script, using drag-n-drop operations or pressing Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V key shortcuts to copy a table from one database to another and a lot of other features.

We hope that you will enjoy working with your Microsoft SQL Server with our new software!

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