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Richard Fallerman: "The assistance we got from SQL Maestro Group played a major part in helping us to meet our objectives. The quality of software for managing Microsoft SQL data was outstanding".
Peter Robinson: "As a tech savvy company director, I wanted an inexpensive web based database application to manage all aspects of my business. As with most humans I find developing purely by CLI very hard and do not have the will or time to invest in improving my skills. I was looking to find a nice human friendly GUI to design and build my application, which is when I came across PHP Generator for MySQL.

Whilst you still need a great understanding of logic and a small amount of programming ability to get the specific results you require, I am very happy with the speed of progress I have been making with this invaluable tool.

With all the standard libraries included, this product makes normal requirements such as JavaScript form validation, lookup selectors, on click events, auto complete, detailed searches, multiformat exports, rss feeds and username security straight forward and quick.

Having any changes made via the GUI written to the web server at the click of a button makes testing out ideas quick and easy without fear of breaking your application.

To conclude, I couldn't find any other product on the market that came close to offering the amount of options this does, and I do hope that more products like this come out in the future, with the hope of eventually eradicating the need to program all together".


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SQL Maestro Group / News / All company news / Firebird Maestro 19.8 released

Firebird Maestro 19.8 released

Aug 8, 2019

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Firebird Maestro

SQL Maestro Group is happy to announce the release of Firebird Maestro 19.8, a powerful Windows GUI solution for Firebird administration and database development.

Please consider the list of new features implemented in this version since the last official release:

New feature highlights:

  • This version of the software has been successfully tested with all the modern database server versions up to Firebird 3.0.4 (the latest official version available at the moment).
  • Support for PSQL stored functions has been implemented (Firebird 3+). Such functions are scalar functions which can be called just like an internal function. Now you can create and edit stored function names, parameters and body using a powerful editor that comes with our product.

    Stored function listPicture 1. Stored function list Stored function editorPicture 2. Stored function editor
  • Support for external stored procedures and functions has been added (Firebird 3+). External procedures and functions are located in external modules. The special User Defined Routines (UDR) engine establishes a way to hook external modules into the server and make them available for use.

    To create an external procedure or function, turn ON the appropriate checkbox, specify an external module name and a name of function or procedure in this module.

  • Support for a number of data security protection new features has been implemented (Firebird 3+).
    • USAGE privileges can now be granted for exceptions and generators as well as EXECUTE privileges for packages and functions.
      Exception editor: USAGE privilegePicture 4. Exception editor: USAGE privilege
    • Support for DDL privileges. Now it is possible to assign metadata write privileges to specified users or roles for specified database objects.
      Role editor: DDL privilegesPicture 5. Role editor: DDL privileges
      To simplify granting of DDL privileges for database objects to users the new "User DDL privileges" list has been added to the Explorer tree.
      User DDL privileges listPicture 6. User DDL privileges list User's DDL privileges editorPicture 7. User's DDL privileges editor
    • Support for active and inactive user accounts. Inactive users cannot login and have grayscale icon in GUI.
      User editor: inactive userPicture 8. User editor: inactive user
    • It becomes possible to allow users to create databases on a server.
      User editor: use can create databasesPicture 9. User editor: user can create databases
    • Added possibility to specify additional attributes (tags) for users.
      User editor: TagsPicture 10. User editor: Tags
  • The Statistics tab has been added to the Edit Database Profile dialog. Here you can find such information as profile creation time, total number of connections, last connection time, and so on.
    Database Profile StatisticsPicture 11. Database Profile Statistics
  • SSH client has been upgraded. Now it supports more secure key exchange algorithms.
    SSH Client has been upgradedPicture 12. SSH Client has been upgraded
  • Links to our social networks accounts have been added to the Quick Launch panel. As minor versions are announced only in our Facebook and Twitter, we would recommend you to follow us somewhere to stay informed.
    Follow us!Picture 13. Follow us!

In addition to this, several bugs have been fixed and some other minor improvements and corrections have been made.

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