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AnySQL Maestro 9.8 released

Aug 28, 2009

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SQL Maestro Group is happy to announce the release of AnySQL Maestro 9.8, a universal powerful solution for administering any database engine (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, etc.) that is accessible via ODBC driver or OLE DB provider.

AnySQL Maestro is now offered in two editions: Freeware and Professional. Use this feature matrix to find out the difference between the editions. Also it is now easy to compare AnySQL Maestro with the specialized tools such as SQL Maestro for MySQL, PostgreSQL Maestro, etc.

Please consider the list of new features implemented in this version since last official release:

Server management extensions:

  • Support for check constraints has been added (if supported by DBMS and driver). You can create new check constraints, edit existing ones as well as drop checks.

  • Indexes and foreign keys are now refreshed correctly from the database and schema levels even if the corresponding driver/provider does not support such a possibility.

  • The SQL Dump Wizard now tries to produce the script compatible with the current SQL dialect instead of generating standard SQL statements. Moreover, it is now possible to generate multi-row INSERTs as well as specify the output file encoding.

Interface improvements:

  • Data grid features the following things:

    • Starting with this version it is possible to use the lookup editor for a column, which is linked by a foreign key with a (single) column from another table. The editor displays the contents of parent table columns within the dropdown window.

      Data Grid: Lookup EditorPicture 1. Data Grid: Lookup Editor

    • A possibility of displaying data in the master-detail form has been incorporated into the Table Editor (multiple detail pages can be displayed for a single master row). Use the Show/Hide details link at the editor’s navigation bar to activate/deactivate this view mode.

    • The possibility to display row numbers in grids has been added. Of course you can adjust the corresponding column to yours liking.

    • Now you can fix grid columns to view them permanently when working with other grid data. To fix a column, choose the corresponding item from the grid's header popup menu.

      Data Grid: Fixed ColumnsPicture 2. Data Grid: Fixed Columns

    • It is now possible to restrict maximum column width.

  • French and Italian localizations are now included into the installation package.

  • Data Export wizard has been significantly improved:

    • Now you can select the result file encoding (ANSI, UTF8, UTF16, UTF32, OEM, and Mac).

    • Support for Microsoft Office Excel 2007, Microsoft Office Word 2007, OpenDocument Spreadsheed, and OpenDocument Text file formats has been implemented.

    • The wizard has been completely redesigned to improve the look and feel and increase the usability. In particular, the export process now can be started at any step of the wizard.

  • Data Import wizard has been updated too:

    • Now you can import data from Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Microsoft Office Access 2007 file formats along with Microsoft Office Excel 97-2003, Microsoft Office Access, CSV, DBF, and Text files supported in the previous versions.

    • Starting with this version you can import Text and CSV data files stored in different encodings.

    • Now it is possible to empty the target table as well as execute custom SQL scripts before and after import.

    • The speed of the import process has been significantly increased.

    • The wizard has been completely redesigned to improve the look and feel and increase the usability.

  • Visual Query Builder has been dramatically improved. Now it can produce INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE statements as well as the SELECT statements containing subqueries and/or UNIONs.

  • This version of our software is fully compatible with large fonts (120 DPI).

  • Database Explorer: the Data management group has been added to table and view nodes popup menus. Use this group items to run Data Export, Data Import, and Get SQL Dump wizards for the selected table or view without opening its editor (the Empty Table command has been moved to this group too). The Go to foreign table command is now available for all the foreign keys.

  • BLOB Viewer: Unicode support has been added to the Non-BLOB data grid.

    BLOB ViewerPicture 3. BLOB Viewer: Unicode Support

  • SQL Script Editor: Script Explorer has been implemented.

  • Tabbed MDI interface improvements:

    • Table's and view's editors: the tab captions are now displayed as object@schema instead of schema.object. This should increase the usability while working with a lot of objects in the same schema.

      Current version:   
      Previous version:   

    • A popup menu has been added to each tab.

  • SQL Script Editor settings: the "Use script runner for large scripts" option has been added.

  • Database Designer settings: the Show hints option has been added. Also it is now possible to select the default graphic file format to export diagrams as images.

In addition to this, several bugs have been fixed and some other minor improvements and corrections have been made.

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