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Philipp Gerber: "

The product is so easy and super built that you can achieve visible and great success after a short time. Also very much possible with the product. A class product. I'm already looking forward to the next versions and extensions. Keep it up.

Support to the product is just perfect. Each Support request is quickly and very competent solved. Also various assistance, which does not fall into a support, are also perfectly processed. There is a direct wire to the manufacturer / developer and this is notth. Thanks for the class Support".

Dave Lantz: "I have to say that I simple love this product and its ease of use. I know that I have only tapped into about 20% of what it can do. In my business I come into a lot of contact with developers and I tell them all, that if they need an easy way to connect, report or work their databases they MUST check out your products".


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Latest resources

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