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Fred Hildenbrand: "I have purchased MySQL Maestro and like it very much, it has made it much easier to deal with DBA maintenance and table replication as well as a quick way to create SQL statements with the graphical query tool. Good job on a fine product".
Mario Figueiredo: "I can safely forget all I know about SQL when using SQLite Maestro. It is that easy and intuitive to use. It is also nicely drawn with an easy and appealing interface that makes the sometimes boring tasks of database maintenance and administration more endurable.
The decision to support the non-commercial use of your software with a lower price is absolutely worth mentioning. For that alone, I thank you. For everything else, I say keep up the good work".


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Latest resources

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SQL Maestro PHP generators provide you with simple but powerful tools to create ready-to-use PHP scripts for managing your data through the web.
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Find out the way MySQL Maestro can help you to realize the new MySQL 5.1 features in practice. Detailed examples are included.
Article: Role management in PostgreSQL Maestro
This article discloses the ways of role management provided by PostgreSQL Maestro. Learn how to create, edit, grant and carry out other manipulations with roles using our product.
Article: Use the power of new MySQL 5 features with MySQL Maestro!
Get to know all the new features of MySQL 5 (ACID Transactions, Stored Procedures and Functions, Triggers, Views, etc.) and the way MySQL Maestro can help you to use them easily and effectively in practice from our new article. Examples are included.
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