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Mark J Nijland: "I have used the trial versions of your software for a couple of days now. It has been one of those increasingly rare experiences. They simply work, have rich feature sets, are superbly designed, and exceed my highest expectations".
Renaud Lepage: "I was searching for a powerful server management as well as data management application, that could also have the ability to use stored procedures (MySQL5). I was using many separate apps. And then I stumbled upon this application. It just got better. With ease-of-use, powerful management, a very good level of customization, great MySQL server management and the very lushed graphical interface, MySQL Maestro is a product to consider seriously. I chose MySQL and this, to SQL Server 2000 and the MMC-integrated server management, for use in a programming course. I'm telling you, MySQL Maestro is a very powerful tool. Try it, you won't regret it".


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MySQL Family news

Jul 20, 2004
MySQL Data Wizard 4.7 (former version 1.3) released
The support of SSH tunnelling is added to all the modules of MySQL Data Wizard.
Jul 12, 2004
MySQL Maestro 4.7 (former version 1.5) released
We have implemented a possibility to connect to a remote MySQL server through the Secure SHell (SSH) tunnel.
Jun 4, 2004
MySQL Service Center 4.6 (former version 1.1) released
We have implemented the scenarios. Now it is possible to combine several tasks in a single object.
Apr 22, 2004
First public release of MySQL Service Center
We are pleased to announce the third product of MySQL Tools Family - MySQL Service Center.
Apr 9, 2004
MySQL Maestro 4.4 (former version 1.3) released
Object Manager is implemented in the new version of MySQL Maestro. Database management has never been so easy!
Mar 29, 2004
MySQL Data Wizard 4.3 (former version 1.1) released
Now it is possible to schedule all Data Wizard tasks.
Mar 8, 2004
MySQL Maestro 4.3 (former version 1.2) released
The main feature of this version is the implementation of Diagram Viewer.
Feb 23, 2004
First public release of MySQL Data Wizard
We are happy to announce the release of MySQL Data Wizard!
Feb 4, 2004
MySQL Maestro 4.2 (former version 1.1) released
In this version we have implemented a powerful Database Profile Manager with a number of useful functions.
Jan 7, 2004
Welcome to!
We are pleased to inform you that the first public version of MySQL Maestro is released and this website is launched.
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