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Ingo Bindbeutel: "I did buy Firebird Maestro before, because it is an excellent application and does a very very good work for me! I tried AnySQL and I did buy it, because it's a wonderful application too! Both are similar to use and easy to work with it! I am impressed by the quality and stability of the product! To all members of the SQL Maestro - Team: "keep going this way and make many people happy in using your software!" Thank you for making my life easier and my work productive".
Steve Horne: "All in all it's a great product, I used the freeware version for a while but purchased a commercial license recently as I am now using it for my work. The ability to query SharePoint lists using SQL makes my administration tasks much easier".


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AnySQL Maestro vs Specialized Tools

The comparison table below shows the difference between AnySQL Maestro and similar specific tools such as SQL Maestro for MySQL, MS SQL Maestro, Oracle Maestro and others. It is applied to both Freeware and Professional editions of AnySQL Maestro.

Basic features AnySQL Maestro Specialized Tools
Creating new tables +*   +
Changing table properties +*   +
Dropping tables +     +
Adding columns +     +
Changing column properties -     +
Dropping columns +** +
Commenting tables and columns +** +
Creating new views +*   +
Changing view body -     +
Dropping views +     +
Creating new objects +*   +
Changing object properties +*   +
Dropping objects +     +
Creating new constraints +*   +
Changing constraint properties +*   +
Dropping constraints +     +
Advanced features AnySQL Maestro Specialized Tools
Stored Procedures and Functions -   +
Triggers -   +
Domains and User-Defined Types -   +
Partitioning features -   +
Other DBMS-specific objects -   +
Users and Roles -   +
Grants and Permissions -   +
Session Browsing -   +
Dependency Tracking -   +
Code Debugger -   +
Backup and Restore -   +
Other maintenance tools -   +

*  -  There is no GUI to set some DBMS-specific options such as TABLESPACE, PCTFREE, etc.
**  -  If DBMS supports the corresponding statement from SQL:2003.


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