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View controls

The View options define the way the column data is displayed on List, View, Print and Export pages.



Display properties

Select the control to be used to represent column data from the drop-down list. Available controls are:



To set the format to be applied to the column data such as text alignment, image size, and so on, use the dialog opened by the ellipsis button. By default, the format is the same as it is set at the Project options.


Along with available formatting options you can specify any property you want using the Custom attributes option. This option allows you to specify the content of standard HTML style tag applied to the column data.


To implement more difficult data representation, especially for conditional data formatting, it's recommended to use the OnExtendedCustomDrawRow event.


Display as hyperlink

To represent the column's data as hyperlink, check the Display as hyperlink option and specify the HREF Template. Target controls where the new document is displayed when a user follows the link.



opens the new document in a new window.


is used in the situation where a frameset file is nested inside another frameset file. A link in one of the inner frameset documents which uses "_parent" will load the new document where the inner frameset file had been.


puts the new document in the same window and frame as the current document. "_self" works the same as if you had not used TARGET at all.


loads the linked document in the topmost frame... that is, the new page fills the entire window.


Header hint

Use this field to specify the the column caption's hint. By default, it is a comment to the table/view column.


Fixed column width

To set a fixed width of the grid, check the Fixed width, specify the Width, and select the Units.





The 'font-size' of the relevant font.


(pixels) Relative to the viewing device.


(inches) 1 inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters.






(points) The points used by CSS 2.1 are equal to 1/72nd of an inch.


(picas) 1 pica is equal to 12 points.


The Totals option allows you to enable a grid footer to display summaries (Sum, Average, Count, etc) for all or selected grid columns.

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