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Pat Brown: "Very Nice Free Product!

This product does just about everything you need for data entry system. Others on the net are charging upwards $150 for a product like this. Thanks for developing it, very much appreciated".
Ingo Bindbeutel: "I did buy Firebird Maestro before, because it is an excellent application and does a very very good work for me! I tried AnySQL and I did buy it, because it's a wonderful application too! Both are similar to use and easy to work with it! I am impressed by the quality and stability of the product! To all members of the SQL Maestro - Team: "keep going this way and make many people happy in using your software!" Thank you for making my life easier and my work productive".


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AnySQL Maestro online help

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Input SELECT query

To get an OLAP cube, enter SELECT query as a snowflake schema, represented by centralized fact tables (with numeric data) which are connected to multiple dimensions (the numeric data to be categorized by). Input the query text in the SQL Editor area directly or use "drag-n-drop" operation SQL Editor or Visual Query Builder areas and the Query tab of Data Analisis.


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