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Peter Robinson: "

As a tech savvy company director, I wanted an inexpensive web based database application to manage all aspects of my business. As with most humans I find developing purely by CLI very hard and do not have the will or time to invest in improving my skills. I was looking to find a nice human friendly GUI to design and build my application, which is when I came across PHP Generator for MySQL.

Whilst you still need a great understanding of logic and a small amount of programming ability to get the specific results you require, I am very happy with the speed of progress I have been making with this invaluable tool.

With all the standard libraries included, this product makes normal requirements such as JavaScript form validation, lookup selectors, on click events, auto complete, detailed searches, multiformat exports, rss feeds and username security straight forward and quick.

Having any changes made via the GUI written to the web server at the click of a button makes testing out ideas quick and easy without fear of breaking your application.

To conclude, I couldn't find any other product on the market that came close to offering the amount of options this does, and I do hope that more products like this come out in the future, with the hope of eventually eradicating the need to program all together".

Armin Braunstein: "Also I must say, that your PostgreSQL Maestro tool is the best tool for PostgreSQL I have seen. For general I am really happy about the tool and how it works".


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SQL Maestro Group / News / All company news / New version of Data Wizard product family

Data Wizard product family updated to version 8.4

Apr 30, 2008

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SQL Maestro Group is happy to announce the release of Data Wizard 8.4, a toolset of powerful utilities for managing your data. There are versions for MySQL, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite, Firebird and MaxDB.

Please consider the list of new features implemented in this version since last official release:

Common improvements:

  • Now it is possible to create a system scheduled task or convert a task created in Data wizard to system one. Such tasks can be executed by the Windows scheduler service even without user logon.

  • Command line options are implemented. The syntax is as follows:

    datawizard_executable[.exe] task_type template_file_name [log_file_name]

    where task_type can be one of the following:

    aspnetgen ASP.NET Generator Task
    datapump Data Pump
    export Data Export Task
    import Data Import Task
    phpgen PHP Generator Task


    • "C:\Program Files\SQL Maestro Group\Data Wizard for MySQL\mydatawizard.exe" phpgen "C:\Tempates\PHPGenerator\MySQL\sakila.pgt" "C:\Tempates\PHPGenerator\MySQL\sakila.log"

    • "C:\Program Files\SQL Maestro Group\MS SQL Data Wizard\msdatawizard.exe" export "C:\Tempates\Export\MsSQL\northwind.ext"

  • Since this version each task is displayed as a separated icon in the system tray when executing.

DBMS-related features:

  • A possibility of connecting to remote MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite databases via HTTP tunneling has been implemented. The technology works as follows:

    • Upload the connection PHP script to your website. The scripts are named mysql_tunnel.php, pgsql_tunnel.php and sqlite_tunnel.php for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite accordingly and can be found under the corresponding installation folder.

    • Test the script in your web-browser (optionally).

    • Enter the script URL in the corresponding edit field at the first step of a wizard. Of course you should turn ON the "I have to use HTTP tunneling" option.

  • Oracle Data Wizard now supports all the Oracle database server versions from 8i to 11g.

PHP Generator features:

  • Since this version it is possible to specify different connection parameters for the database server and generated PHP scripts.

  • An ability of building UTF-8 web applications has been added.

  • BLOB fields now can be represented as pictures. It is also possible to add, edit and delete the images directly from the generated web application.

  • Starting with this version our software allows you to create web-pages with hyperlinks. The result links are constructed as follows: Prefix + contents of HREF field + Suffix. The Target attribute can be customized too.

  • PHP Generator now supports creation of look up menus based on a custom value list. For ENUM fields such list is created automatically.

  • The View, Edit, and Delete command links are now placed at the left of data columns by default.

  • The wizard window becomes resizable. Also it can be maximized or minimized.

  • Now our software generates classic PHP opening tags (<?php) instead of short ones (<?).

Other new features:

  • Data Pump: now you can execute custom SQL scripts after connecting, before data importing and after pumping.

  • ASP.NET generator: since this version it is possible to specify a custom connection string.

  • All the wizards: a lot of minor improvements and corrections were made.

For more information about a specific tool see the appropriate page:
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