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SQL Maestro Group / News / All company news / Oracle Maestro 7.9 released

Oracle Maestro 7.10 released

Oct 2, 2007

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SQL Maestro Group is happy to announce the release of Oracle Maestro 7.10, a powerful Windows GUI solution for Oracle administration and database development.

Please consider the list of new features implemented in this version since the last official release:

Server management extensions:
  • Now it is possible to cancel a long-running query execution and/or data fetching.

  • SQL Script Editor: DBMS_OUTPUT lines are now captured in the message window.

  • Support of the Oracle Gather Statistics feature is implemented. You can run it for the current database from the Tools menu or for selected table/schema in the Explorer tree. It is possible to execute the result script immediately, copy it to SQL Script Editor, or create a job.

  • View/Procedure/Function/Package/Package body/Type/Type body editors: you can double-click an item in the error list to highlight the corresponding erroneous line in the editor.

  • Session Browser: now Oracle Maestro displays long-running operations for each session (V$SESSION_LONGOPS system view is used).

  • The export (backup) command now can be launched for the selected table, schema or tablespace (Explorer tree, Object Browser, Table/Schema/Tablespace editor, etc).

Interface improvements:
  • The SQL Formatter for DML statements (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE) is fulfilled. It can be invoked with the aid of the Format SQL link on the SQL Editor's navigation bar (Ctrl+Alt+D shortcut).

  • It is now possible to execute SQL scripts after connect and before disconnect to/from a database.

  • Database Designer: now you can drag a schema in the Explorer tree or Object Browser and drop it in the Designer window: all schema tables will be added to the current diagram.

  • Now our software displays execution time for lengthy operations.

  • BLOB Viewer: it is now possible to save all BLOBs from a table to a given directory.

  • Data Import Wizard: the speed of loading of Excel files has been significantly increased.

Important fixes:
  • Procedure Editor: routines with output prameters are now executed correctly.

  • Create Table Wizard: the proper script is now generated for fields with default value and not null constraint simultaneously.

  • Tablespace Editor: fixed a bug with altering Readonly and Online properties.

  • Triggers and tables with triggers are now duplicated correctly.

In addition to this, several bugs have been fixed and some other minor improvements and corrections have been made.

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